South Shore SDA School

Love God. Pursue Excellence. Serve Others.


South Shore SDA school enrolls students:

  • Who will abide by the policies set forth in the School Handbook and future supplements to it;

  • Who are in harmony with the school’s goals and philosophy;

  • Who have met the specified application, immunization, and medical requirements;

  • Who will benefit from the school’s program;

  • Who will not interfere with the attainment of educational goals of the school or of other students;

  • Whose parents/guardians will not display behaviors detrimental to the school, teachers, or students;

  • Whose families keep their financial accounts current.


Kindergarten Entrance

Children may be admitted to kindergarten if their fifth birthday is on or before September 1st of the year of enrollment and they must have passed a readiness assessment evaluation. Students entering kindergarten must show proof of age (a birth certificate) and immunization.


First Grade Entrance

Children may register for first grade if their sixth birthday is on or before September 1st. First graders who did not attend kindergarten must also show proof of age (a birth certificate) and immunization.


Admission Procedures

  1. Complete and submit the student application. Providing false or misleading information may be grounds for denial of admission.

  2. Student must complete new student testing and assessment.

  3. Pay registration fee and first month’s tuition.

  4. Submit all medical, health, and immunization records. Complete all necessary forms.

  5. Interview with the Principal. Supply the student’s most recent report card and standardized test results.

  6. Visit your child’s classroom and meet the teacher.

All new students are admitted on a nine-week probation basis.

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