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Technology Policy


South Shore Seventh-day Adventist School 


The South Shore Seventh-day Adventist School is pleased to offer students access to the information technology resources, including the computer, the internet, and the use of computer software, for educational purposes. The internet is a powerful resource for expanding the educational experience of each student. Access to the internet will enable students to explore thousands of libraries, databases, and internet-based learning platforms.

Students are made aware that any misuse of internet services or actions that are not in accordance with school policy may jeopardize the ability of all students to enjoy such access. School staff will make every effort to ensure that students’ use of computers is in compliance with school policy. Computer technology agreements apply to any and all devices including: iPads, iPods, cell phones, laptop computers, cameras and USB drives.

 Individual Responsibility

Users/Parents/Guardians  are advised that the use of any network includes the potential for accessing websites with inappropriate materials. It is the responsibility of all users to avoid these sites through prudent use of the internet.  If a student accidentally accesses one of these sites, they should immediately exit from the site and and notify a staff member. If the student finds that other students are visiting offensive or harmful sites they should report such activity to  the proper authorities.

Practice Personal Safety

Do not reveal personal information such as your full name, home address, phone or credit card numbers or other information which might allow a person to locate you. Never allow a face-to-face meeting with someone you have met on the internet without your parent’s permission. Avoid websites that allow you to share private information about yourself, your family and/or friends.

 Active Restriction Measures

The school will utilize filtering technologies to prevent students from accessing visual and aural depictions that are obscene or otherwise harmful in any way. However, it is important to note that no filtering system is 100 percent effective. The school reserves the right to monitor students’ computer/ online activities through direct observation and/or technological means to ensure that students are not accessing such material or depictions. Administrators reserve the right to examine, use, and disclose any data found on the school’s information technology resources in order to safeguard the health, safety, or security of any student or other person, or to protect property. They may also use this information in disciplinary actions, and will furnish evidence of crime to law enforcement.


 Students will adhere to Christian principles and will:

  •  Respect and safeguard the privacy of themselves and others
  • Use only assigned accounts.
  • Not view, use, or copy passwords and data to which they are not authorized.
  • Not share private information about themselves or others.
  • Respect and safeguard the integrity, availability, and security of all electronic resources.
  • Observe all posted security practices.
  • Report security risk or violation to the teacher.
  • Not destroy or damage data, or other resources without clear permission of the owner/s.
  • Respect and safeguard the intellectual property of others.
  • Not infringe copyright.
  • Not plagiarize.
  • Respect and practice the principles of community.
  • Communicate only in ways that are kind and respectful.
  • Report threatening or disturbing materials to the teacher.
  • Not intentionally access, transmit, copy, or create materials that violate Christian principles or that are illegal (such as messages that are threatening)
  • Not use the resources to further acts that are criminal or violate the school's principles.


Privacy Notice:

South Shore’s computer technology internet system is to be used for educational purposes only.

Users are reminded that all computers are monitored and there is no assurance of privacy.



I have read and agree to comply with the computer usage guidelines of the technology policy. Should I violate these rules, computer privileges at South Shore Seventh-day Adventist School will be revoked.


Student’s  Name (please print)               Student’s Signature                                  Date


 As the parent or legal guardian of this student, I have read this policy and agree to the terms.


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