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Love God. Pursue Excellence. Serve Others.

About us

Adventist Education has come a long way since 1853 when Martha Byington opened the first known church school for Sabbatarian Adventists in Buck's Bridge, New York. Today you'll find Adventist schools in nearly 150 countries with 85,000 teachers, 1.5 million students and 7,500 schools. The Adventist school system is one of the largest Christian educational systems in the world. Adventist Education seeks to enable learners to develop a life of faith in God, and to use their knowledge, skills, and understandings to serve God and humanity.

Mission Statement:

South Shore Seventh-day Adventist School exists to instill in students a love for God, a desire to excel and a commitment to lifelong service.


Love God. Pursue Excellence. Serve Others.

Educational Philosophy:

A belief in the existence of God as Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, and Restorer is fundamental to the philosophy of Seventh-day Adventist schools.  We respect His divine authority and recognize His intervention in human affairs.  Our understanding of God is based on the Bible which we take as our only rule of faith and practice.  We believe that true education develops the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, and aesthetic abilities of each student, preparing them for the joy of service in this life and for the higher joy of service in the life to come.  To achieve this goal, we encourage each student to:

  • develop a loving personal relationship with God through a devotional life of faith based on prayer and an understanding of God's word,

  • master basic academic skills in reading, science, communication, and mathematics required for entry into secondary education,

  • develop critical thinking and problem solving through deductive and logical reasoning,

  • develop a healthy sense of self-esteem as a valued child of God and an attitude of love and respect toward others,

  • appreciate and participate in physical activities and exercise and adopt patterns of healthful living,

  • value labor, physical and mental, as the blessing God intended,

  • develop the ability to work cooperatively and supportively with others in a group, and

  • develop an appreciation for beauty, harmony, and variety in art, music, literature, and nature.

The South Shore Seventh-day Adventist School is operated in harmony with the guidance and direction of the Office of Education, North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


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